d n��t sleep all night

d n��t sleep all night

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The greatest person in the world is a mother. They have unselfishly given us endless love, and let us grow up carefree, but they are silently bearing the burden. March 8 Women's Day is a custom-made holiday for these mothers, let us not forget the greatness of mothers. "Women's Day is coming, but I haven't prepared a gift yet, what should I do?" I sat in the Xinhua Bookstore, roaring my head like crazy. I stood up very distressed, walked out of the door of Xinhua Bookstore, and a leaflet was handed to me. I took the flyer. The words "DIY handmade candles, soap" printed on my eyes. "Although it appeals to me, I am now distressed by the Women's Day gift!" I crumpled the flyers and prepared to throw them in the trash bin. What's the use of handmade candles, and cannot be used as a Women's Day gift? "I walked to the trash can while shattering my thoughts," Well, wait, candle? gift? Why can't I make a candle as a gift for Women's Day on March 8th? "I was so swift that I hurriedly spread out the leaflet that was almost thrown into the trash bin. It was written on the fourth floor of Haowang Plaza. I squeezed the leaflet and hurried towards the fourth floor of Haowang Plaza On the fourth floor of Haowang Plaza, I found the store. When I gently opened the door, the wind chime on the door sang a song and welcomed me. When I saw the decoration in the house, my friend and I were surprised. Stupid: two large cargo racks are placed on both sides of the wall, the left one is filled with various glass bottles and small decorations; the right is filled with soaps of various shapes and small and exquisite; the middle of the store has A few small tables with some paint on them, two big sisters are sitting on hand-painted T-shirts. I walked to the candle and asked how to make it [url=webvipsmoking.com]Online Cigarettes[/url], and I happily made the candle. First, look for the bottle, I think I didn't find it. I just looked down in disappointment. My eyes aimed at a bottle in the corner. It was a star-shaped bottle with a narrow mouth like a wishing bottle. I took the bottle immediately. , Put some fine blue sand, because For my mother ��s favorite blue color, I put a few more shells, and then handed the bottle to the boss to help her fill in the wax. After a while, the boss stood in front of me with the wax bottle, and said with a smile: " You go to choose a kind of perfume, it will make the candle scented! "I listened, and ran to get the perfume again. I thought about it, or take the scent of the sea, so that it matches the blue a little. Put two drops of perfume into the candle, a beautiful candle is ready! I personally wrapped the candle with a ribbon on it, and I put my blessing to my mother. I hope my mother will like it. Elementary school writing composition 800 words 2_Gift for mother Mom: Hello! Today is "March 8" International On Women's Day, I wish you a happy holiday and always young and beautiful. Mom, every year on the "March 8th" festival, the mother units of many classmates in our class are on holiday [url=vipusacigarettes.com]Cigarettes Online[/url]. Since you have worked in the community for many years [url=cigarettesusaonline.com/marlboro-gold-online_c4]Marlboro Gold[/url], you have to work overtime every holiday. Not to mention your women ��s festival. In today ��s festival, I really do n��t know what gift to give, think about it or write a letter to you, even if it is a holiday gift for you. It is related to the immediate interests of the residents Every day, you deal with people in the community who have difficulties in life, and know the emotions and sorrows of them best. Most of these people with difficulties in life are of low education level, there are many lonely elderly people, drug users, and even After the prisoners are released, the party and the state care and take care of these people, and many preferential policies, through the hard work of community workers like you, are passed on to these difficult groups of mothers who need care and care. When you go home with a tired body, you not only have to bear the burden of work, but also endure insults and even beatings by some unreasonable residents. Two days ago, there was a community resident who wanted to eat a minimum living allowance, but he did not meet the relevant low-income conditions , This resident was very arrogant, he rushed into the community office, and there was an old punch in your face, indiscriminately. When you returned home that night, looking at you with a swollen nose and blue eyes, my eyes were red, and I knew you were I was aggrieved at work again. In order to prevent me from worrying, I said in a joke: "Mum is not bad, just make up for beauty." "Mom, you work very hard during the day, and you can hear the sound of washing dishes, mopping and washing clothes when you come home at night. I am a person who doesn't like cleanliness. I have to wash my clothes one or two days. It ��s all greasy. You often say that I want to cry every time I wash my clothes, which is too difficult to wash. Every winter, you often wash your clothes in cold water. Your hands have frostbite, open your blood, and your hands become rough. Mom, I ca n��t remember how many times, when I was ill, you guarded me all night. Take the night of the winter vacation not long ago, I was lying in bed, my stomach hurts, you hurried to help me get dressed, Seeing that I could n��t walk because of my pain, my mother walked me down the fourth floor without saying anything. Since late at night, I could n��t get a taxi at the door of my house. My mother clenched her teeth and carried me heavy. On a cold winter night, I walked hard for several times. Standing on the road, I took a taxi at an intersection. The hospital diagnosed that the lymph nodes in the small intestine were swollen. After hanging up the water from the hospital, it was morning in the morning and you did n��t sleep all night. After giving me medicine, I went to work in a hurry, my mother, because I usually transfer at school Active, sometimes provoke little girls, complained by teachers and classmates, whenever this time, you always pay a smile and apologize to others. Now I think about these, my heart is not a taste, my mother I will be in school again in the future Make fewer mistakes and do n��t let you pay for my mistakes. I grew up in a year, and I will learn to take care of myself, so that you will be less burdened and concerned. Mom, when I finished writing this letter, you have not Going home, I had to put the letter on your pillow. When you read this letter, I have entered the dream fragrance. I hope that I can enjoy this holiday gift after reading it.
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