The older generation

The older generation

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The older generation of Deyang people have a familiar proverb: "Deyang has a bell and drum tower, and half of it is still in the sky." This is the scene of the old bell and drum tower. When the 36-meter-high New Bell and Drum Tower stands in front of everyone's eyes, there is nothing more than that. This is a landmark of Deyang. My dad and mom boarded the Bell and Drum Tower on a sunny day. Walking along the central axis of East Changjiang Road, the Bell and Drum Tower stands on the hill at the east end in front of it. It is such a magnificent shore and burly, surrounded by trees. The Chengmian highway runs like a belt in front of the Bell and Drum Tower. We walked under the overpass and found that each pillar of the overpass had multicolored paintings about the story of Deyang, depicting figures, flowers, landscapes, dozens of different paintings, telling about Deyang in memory and in the modern day. There are flowers and plants under the pillars, which are beautiful and beautiful. Walking across the overpass, we looked up and looked at several levels of platforms, we were already at the foot of the Bell and Drum Tower. Bell and Drum Tower's elegant hanging cornices, golden glazed tiles, transparent patterns on all sides; one layer above another. We walked up the steps of the ninety-nine steps and came to the first platform. The huge stone sculpture was built against the mountain Carton Of Cigarettes. From the right to the left of the stone wall, the three words "bell and drum tower" were carved. Ten meters away, there are several giant trees covering the sky on both sides of the word Newport 100S. On the next level of the platform, there are the big clock and six small clocks carved with flying dragons. I ran up the stairs excitedly, at this time, we saw the beautiful Bell Drum Tower. We stood on the top and looked down. The original bottom is divided into six platforms, three small and three large, and the railings of the ladder are decorated with dragon pillars. When we look at the Bell and Drum Tower from the outside, it is round with eight corners on the top, and square with four corners underneath. This is what the ancients said about the sky and the sky. Push the two vermilion gates into the bell and drum tower, and a large bronze clock hangs on the middle shelf. There are four gods and beasts cast on the clock surface, including the green dragon, white tiger, suzaku, and Xuanwu. Words from Donglai and Cathay Pacific are used to pray for blessings. Go up the wooden ladder one by one, and then came to the third floor, the third floor is a big drum, red drum body, cowhide drum surface, I imagine the sound of this big drum will definitely sound Deyang The sky above is inspiring and encouraging. Further up, you will come to the highest level. From the fence, you can see the Deyang City with tall buildings, the TV tower towering into the clouds, the cascading East Lake, the Baiyun Mountain surrounded by clouds and mist ... The beautiful scenery of Deyang can be seen. In the evening, look at the Bell and Drum Tower again. The hundred-foot high-rise building is splendid and beautiful, like a fairyland on earth. It is intoxicating. No matter where you are from near and far, high and low, morning and evening, any time, any place, it is the most beautiful building in Deyang
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