thought you were going to di

thought you were going to di

Postby ylq » 13 May 2020, 04:18

Late at night, the high moon hangs above my head. I stand on the balcony with a pair of earphones in my ears and MP3 in my hands. The shocking music hit my eardrum. At night, slowly flowing notes reverberate around me, I close my eyes, feel, feel, feel the whispering cry from Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, the continuous low mourning, the ruins of crying Zhongyi's blood-stained hands are calling for help and craving for death. These are people suffering from earthquakes. How many people longing for life are buried in the ruined ruins. Armed police officers and soldiers, they are waiting for the music of hope to reach its climax, like a hard stone, hitting my heart, the wind is crying, "Hoo-Huo-" seems to mourn the dead people, the pale moonlight slanted The ground shone on the tiles, and the desolate music disturbed many birds that there was a bright light in the darkness, flickering and blinking Marlboro Lights, maybe only through the torture of darkness can you feel the warmth of light; maybe Only by suffering from darkness can we understand the true meaning of light. You want to cry but time doesn't allow it, you want to shout but-Death doesn't allow it. You imagine the outside world, blue sky, white clouds, birds, trees, and most importantly your own loved ones. The wind is roaring, the lightning is thundering, and the moonlight gradually disappears and disappears. The music is gradually flat, but the beautiful notes are still beating, the sky is darker, they all say that the night before dawn will be darker, yes, a new day is about to start, and my heart is not cheerful ... there seems to be a light in the distance , Although not so bright, but illuminating all around, only heard a voice calling: Child, close your eyes. You hear, it ��s the call of death, you clenched your teeth, tired, more tired, your eyelids are drooping, you blink again Wholesale Cigarettes, your eyes are full of strength, you are fighting against death, your eyes are wet , My heart is clogged, it's not a taste, I always thought I was strong, but in the face of death, you are dazed and helpless, feeling that you are farther and farther from the real life ... the sound of music seems to gradually weaken Is it going to disappear? No, the music is more cheerful, the wind, the branches swaying violently, like a devil roaring, the hair is also falling with the wind, the thunder hits one after another ... You thought you were going to die, but there was a familiar voice "Child, hold on!" Then, that was mom, really mom, your little heart cheered, you knew you were saved, right There are fewer and fewer bricks, you see hope, Enron covers your eyes with a big pair of hands, you are hugged out, you are saved, open your eyes, the sun is very fresh, you ca n��t take care of the injuries on your body The ground sucked a few breaths of air, and you laughed thunder However, once the bright sunshine hit the floor, the music stopped when I stopped. The wind gently touched my face and felt very comfortable. I grabbed the piggy bank and ran to the donation box. Yuan ... I put my love into the donation box and I smiled too
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