Parking Management Software wholesale

Parking Management Software wholesale

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Parking fee software
Parking fee software is a professional application specially for the parking lot which has various requirements due to different conditions.
Usually the parking fee software includes: VIP members(free parking), monthly users(pay monthly fee each month), hourly visitors(pay temporary fee according to parking duration), the parking rates could calculated based on the rush hours or rest hours, and first hour fee and consequence hours fee, overnight fee etc, the rates is programmed by the customer himself.
The report of the software provides parking events, hourly visitors parking result(along with images and enter/exit time, parking fee), monthly users charge list. The manager could query:
· Vehicle number
· Enter time
· Exit time
· Parking fee
· Operator ID
· Lane number
· Discount type
This software could have more customization functions:
· Preserved area parking within the parking lot(higher parking rate)
· A certain people has the privilege to access a certain parking area
· Monthly user having 2 or more cars,but only 1 vehicle can enter during a period
· Discount for customer shopping
· Parking discount types: parking hours discount, parking fee discount, total fee free
Please contact with us if you have further requests.
Parking Management Software wholesale

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