China Plastic board extruder factory

China Plastic board extruder factory

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The line adopts hanger style flat die, with more reliable pneumatic clamping calibration mould, the thinkness of the plate adjustment is very convenient. The use of rubber traction roller is consistent with the plastic corrugated, make special smooth traction. Automatic cutting oblique blade to ensure the smooth incision. The new technology PVC core layer foaming corrugated plates.
Machine is designed basis to original single layer PVC corrugated plates line. It’s product is greatly reduced in cost, this line features better performance, higher quality, the structure is more compact and reasonable. In addition, replacing more components, can produce PVC or PC transparent corrugated plates, light transmission rate up to 85%.
Type of main machineSJSZ65/132
Motor power (kw)37
Die typeHanger flat die
Molding unitGreat wave: R=15 H=163 Peak distance: 63mm
Little wave:R=9 H=8 Peak distance:36mm
Length of molding roll1000
Motor power (kw)1.5 (inverter control)
Vacuum forming mould1000*540
Cooling mannerWater cooling
Drawing speed0.5-5
Cutting mannerShearing
Cutting following distance500
Air pressure0.4-0.6
As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, Yehua Machinery has been specialized in offering good quality and cheap plastic wave tile production line for over 20 years. Should you are interested in it, please be free to contact our factory.China Plastic board extruder factory

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