5 signs indicating an introvert personality is not "Ambivert

5 signs indicating an introvert personality is not "Ambivert

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1.Be a good listener and speaker

Extrovert people usually like to talk rather than listen. เกมสล็อต Introverts are more likely to be observing and listening. But for people with Ambivert, they know when to speak. And when should they listen, for example, in a meeting may be a person who initiates a short meeting for others to exchange ideas

2. Able to control their behavior

Adapting to other people or situations seems to be a natural fit for an Ambivert person, for example, riding an elevator with a stranger, an introvert might pick up a headset to avoid. Talk, while Extrovert starts a few conversations, and Ambivert considers what kind of behavior the people in the elevator should take.

3. Not uncomfortable with socializing. But personal time must have

Whether with many people Or alone at home Can be happy too, for people with Ambivert, it depends more on the situation in front of them. For example, in situations where a friend hastily calls out to go out together in the evening, the extrovert tends to accept without hesitation, unlike the Introvert who refuses to go back because they are more at home, but for Ambivert to consider first during To the merits The disadvantage first, which one is better?

4. Be someone who cares Empathize with others

People who are Ambivert are ready to listen to others. And understand that each person has a different origins If any friend has a problem to consult, he will listen and ask carefully. To help each other find a way out Unlike Extrovert, which tries to promptly tell the right solution, while Introvert acts as a better listener.

5. Find the right middle point.

As someone who doesn't have a problem meeting people, Ambivert people tend to act easily when it comes to socializing. And helps keep the atmosphere not too quiet that it causes a feeling of awkwardness in the discussion group It will also make others feel more comfortable talking. Especially with people with introvert personalities

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