How Do Hospitals Choose PVC Floor Materials

How Do Hospitals Choose PVC Floor Materials

Postby kanediamon » 25 May 2020, 08:38

As a public place with large crowd flow, the hospital has very high requirements on the selection of ground materials for the specificity of the faced crowd. Today's hospitals usually choose a new type of floor material - PVC flooring, so what aspects do general hospitals need to consider when choosing this type of floor material? Let me briefly talk to you below.
PVC flooring uses a new environmentally friendly material-polyvinyl chloride, which does not contain formaldehyde, asbestos, lead, mercury, and other heavy metal harmful fillers, which fully meets the needs of people for green spaces.
Anti-fouling agent
Chemical agents can easily cause dirt on the ground, so hospitals should choose soil resistant and chemical resistant materials. The special surface treatment technology of Huiya commercial vinyl flooring makes the floor glue have the ability to resist weak acid and alkali, antibacterial and mildew, sanitary and clean, can be used for 20 years.
People in hospitals and other places have a large crowd flow, and most people walk in a hurry. Under local pressure, vinyl floors will produce instantaneous elastic deformation, which causes the surface friction coefficient to increase immediately, and it is not easy to slip when walking. The plastic bottom cushions the bottom layer, providing suitable friction, reducing the momentary impact of accidental falls and providing safety protection.
Strong sound absorption and comfortable feet
Hospital premises need good sound absorption capacity and a more comfortable foot experience. HUIYA PVC floor materials not only have a comfortable foot feel, but also isolate 20-20dB of noise, providing a comfortable environment for medical places.
At the same time, HUIYA commercial vinyl flooring is also easy to clean and easy to install. How to choose plastic floor materials in hospitals, I believe you have a basic understanding.

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