How much to buy mosaic tiles

How much to buy mosaic tiles

Postby Luis Villegas » 09 Oct 2020, 11:25

Bright colors can give people a bright feeling in front of their eyes, so for those who prefer bright colors in life, in the decoration of home furnishing houses, the overall display of the house is also more prominent, so which kind of ceramic tile color is more bright? That is the non mosaic tiles, how much is the general mosaic tiles? Let's find out.

1、What is mosaic tile

Mosaic tile is the material of laying toilet wall and floor. As early as the early 1980s, it was used. Up to now, mosaic tiles have made a comeback and become the favorite of decorative materials in colorful forms. They are favored by avant-garde and fashionable families.

2、Advantages of mosaic tiles

1. It can be used as decoration

Mosaic can be used for shower room, living room, etc. space modeling is rich, colorful, itself is a good decoration.

2. Diversified styles

Personalized decoration is best at changing mosaics, small size, changeable specifications, rich colors, arbitrary collocation.

3. Diversified specifications

Crystal glass mosaics can be made in any specifications. The commonly used specifications are 20 * 20 mm, 25 * 25 mm, 50 * 50 mm, 100 * 100 mm, etc.

4. Radiation protection, high temperature resistance, no water absorption

It has the advantages of soft tone, simple, elegant, elegant, chemical stability, good thermal and cold stability.

5. It is widely used

Hotels, restaurants, halls, science and technology museums, theaters, TV towers, kindergartens, amusement parks (horror rooms), etc.

3、 Disadvantages of mosaic tiles

1. Too many gaps, easy to dirty, difficult to clean

Mosaic gap is too much, easy to dirty, difficult to clean. Kitchen uses seamless ceramic tile commonly, have no crevice, the effect is very much like marble, very good to clean, do not have trouble that white seam turns black. Bathroom wall can use mosaic, but it is not recommended to use all.

2. There will be color difference over time

Generally, the wall of the shower head is installed to make a vertical mosaic belt, and choose a different color with the surrounding tiles. The decoration is very strong and the effect is also very good. Due to the short production history, the crystal glass mosaic will appear color difference and concave surface.

4、How much is mosaic tile

For this problem, Xiaobian also specially looked at Baidu for a long time, found that there are no fixed answers, there are many factors affecting the price, for example, mosaic tiles in different places will be different, different brands will also be different, different stores will buy different tiles, in short, there are many factors affecting the price.
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Re: How much to buy mosaic tiles

Postby alcin » 01 Dec 2020, 14:49

Go to this shop and buy it Hope it helps.

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