Introduce how to prevent Instagram users from being hacked..

Introduce how to prevent Instagram users from being hacked..

Postby Gina » 23 Feb 2021, 07:41

Introduce how to prevent Instagram users from being hacked again.


Social media shocks soon again, when many Instagram users have been locked out of their accounts. And cannot access again Due to the cyber crooks hacking and changing everything Including account name, profile picture, email address and phone number Makes account recovery very difficult.

Kaspersky Lab cybersecurity researcher Nadezda Demidova, commented on the incident, said so far has not found any method of cybercriminals to access user profiles. Instagram uses, but the method that thieves often attack is through phishing.

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According to Kaspersky Lab, in 2018, Kaspersky Lab products were able to prevent 68,000 attacks caused by Instagram phishing pages and found some interesting information. Was in late July before this hacking incident

Kaspersky Lab researchers have detected a dramatic increase in the number of phishing attacks, from 150 to nearly 600 per day, and Instagram users are vulnerabilities that hackers have been exploiting. People in the phishing site Unauthorized apps And the use of counterfeit pages, etc.

“It is the popularity of Instagram with over a billion users that makes Instagram a target for cybercriminals. Once the cyber crooks have hacked the user account, they will have access to their personal information and communications. The user profile will also be converted to spam and phishing information, ”said Ms Nadezda.

Kaspersky Lab recommends that social users do the following to prevent hacking before it's too late.

- Do not click on questionable links.

- Check the address of the page on which you are going to enter personal information.

- Only use social apps downloaded from reputable sources such as the Play Store.

- Do not share various login information. Give the app a third party

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