Cast Aluminum Heater factory

Cast Aluminum Heater factory

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Cast Aluminum Heating Rings for Extruder
1.Production Image
2.Simple Introduction
Cast aluminum heating rings for extruder is composed of extruder and cast aluminum heating ring combination.Cast aluminum heating rings is casting heater with different shapes,which is made by casting a tubular electrothermal heating element into an aluminum solution.
3.Cast aluminum heating ring technical parameters
Conditions of use: Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃; relative humidity <80%;
Electrical strength: It can withstand voltage test through the voltage 1500V, 50HZ sinusoidal AC, voltage 1M1N no breakdown phenomenon;
Leakage current: <0.5MA;
Insulation resistance:> 2MΩ;
Grounding resistance: <0.1Ω;
Power deviation: + 5% to -10%;
Temperature level: installed on the machine surface temperature can be nearly 400 ℃.
Application: Cast aluminum heating rings can be widely used in plastic machinery, die, cable machinery, chemicals, rubber, oil and other equipment.Explosion-proof heater explosion-proof mark for the ExdiiBT4 ExD Ⅱ CT6 Exd Ⅱ CT6, etc. Widely used in plastic machinery, mold, cable machinery, alloy die-casting machine, pipe, chemical, rubber, oil and other equipment.Cast Aluminum Heater factory

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