Salt Spray Test Chamber

Salt Spray Test Chamber

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Big size Programmable Salt Spray and Salt Fog Corrosion Test Chamber
Salt Spray And Salt Fog Corrosion Test Chamber is adapted to the surface treatment of various materials, including paint, electroplating, organic and inorganic coating, after these anti-corrosive treatment to test the corrosion resistance of their products.
Key features:
(A) Laboratory temperature controller 0-99.9℃ with accuracy 0.1℃ (double digital display PID automatic checking from Taiwan Yangming) 1pcs
(B) Heating tank liquid expansion safety temperature controller 0-110℃(Western Europe products) 2pcs
(C) The saturated air barrel temperature controller 0-99.9℃ with accuracy 0.1℃ (even display PID automatic calculus from Taiwan Yangming) 1pcs
(D) Time controller: AH5H-2 ANLY 1pcs
(E) Timing device: O-9999.9hr system RISESN 1pcs
(F) First class pressure adjustment structure: (1) First pressure regulating valve: with the pressure of the 1 group (first set pressure in 2-2.5kg/sqNaN;(2) Second pressure regulating valve: stage pressure valve 1/4PT, pressure 0-4.0kg/ sqNaN, adjustable (spray pressure regulator 1.0kg/cm2); (3) Pressure gauge: 2kg/ sqNaN, precision 0.1kg/ sqNaN, 1pcs,
(G) The light and the button switch can continuously charge more than ten thousand times
(H) OMRONLY2N relay 2pcs
(1) OMRONLY2N relay 4pcs
(J) YCTV2A702-3 solenoid valve 4pcs
Salt Spray And Salt Fog Corrosion Test Chamber
Internal Dimension (cm)120×85×50160×100×55200×120×60
External Dimension (cm)220×120×145260×145×155300×165×160
Temperature inChamberNSS.ACSS 35℃±1℃/CASS 50℃±1℃
Air Saturated TankNSS.ACSS 47℃±1℃/CASS 63℃±1℃
Power SupplyAClφ 220V30A or AC3φ 380A
Salt Solution Tank Size40L
With wide experience and expertise, BOSITONG manufacturers and trades quality big size programmable salt spray and salt fog corrosion test chamber. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various testers in China, we sincerely welcome you to buy or wholesale the durable and precise tester from our factory.Salt Spray Test Chamber

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