"The customer need dems which will was able typically like a

"The customer need dems which will was able typically like a

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Just what we were looking for, and a day early in the mail :)
Ken Debarosan
Riding on surface streets, bright colors are a must. This jersey is comfortable, light weight, and has held up to washing and regular use/wearing.
Carl Lavoie
Comfortable, light and love it with pockets. Great for a relaxing in or out with.
Cort Florez
Nice and soft, great price, easy to wash (no stains, even from formula spit-up!). A bit thinner than I expected, but totally not an issue - probably allows for better breathability anyway. Son sleeps soundly on these every night - perfect!
Chelsea Hammerton
Great part. Fit nice and tight.
Trey Eddy-Dore
Good product. Fits well. Loose but not baggy. Comfortable.
Laura Hindersmann

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