They did a cheap RuneScape gold wonderful job

They did a cheap RuneScape gold wonderful job

Postby Mocsky234 » 13 Jan 2020, 11:07

To make cheap RuneScape gold a long story short, this update has enhanced the calculations the client makes when moving characters about, which makes movement appear more natural and fluid. If you want to know more, check out Mod Nin's Dev Blog, where you can learn about all of the cool tech stuff which went into this update. This is an integral part of runescape, so if anything looks odd about your character's movement after this upgrade, we'd like to learn about it!

Well, what a day. Followed by the miracle of the Murder in Yogtowers. This was the ideal flow so much of the Jingle Jam, if not of 2019. All this to Lewis' mad idea of writing a murder mystery that's streamed on twitch.

They did a wonderful job which goes to show just how good a writer Lewis is and why SoI was popular. Then we had a very different Civ 5 to the 5th at 5. We can expect a gang bang against Lewis, together with Lewis winning, with lots of drunken and salt mistakes. Not this time. He managed to'exploit' runescape to get more than 1000 science by turn 150 will stay a mystery to me.

However he had been so very good at keeping everybody else tied up and playing to Rythians strengths that it was Rythian who handled a great and fantastic victory. There was not anything any of those other guys could do to stop them, and we are talking about Lewis, Ben and Duncan here - the arguably greatest runescape players at the Civ games at the Yogscast. Salt did flow for a little and we had a few flashes of Lewis' bare belly, and Alex's honking laugh, this all made for a marvellous stream and I'm so happy to have set time aside to watch it live as I am sure this is going to be a golden moment from the Yogs history.

All in all, today was a special day of streams and I'm so grateful to all the time and effort that went into organising, doing and creating this joyous moment. Well done guys, well done.Just starting to watch the Murder Mystery vod and my god, the Yogs figure out how to go over and beyond my RS gold expectations with every Jingle Jam, this will be gonna be amazing I could feel it already.

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