Stainless Steel Slow Reaction Pickling And Passivation Gel/p

Stainless Steel Slow Reaction Pickling And Passivation Gel/p

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Pickling and Passivation Of Pipelines Pickling Process Of Stainless Steel
The purpose of the pickling passivation is to clean the inner and the weld walls of the stainless steel sanitary pipes and the stainless steel sanitary ware containers connected to them,remove the solder oxide layer and form a metal protective film on the inner wall surface to ensure the internal cleaning of pipes and vessels, and prolong their service life.
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Use a temporary pipe (hose or stainless steel piping) to connect all the pipes that need to be cleaned to a separate circulation system before work begins.And then use the temporary pump to the pipeline into the acid solution for cyclical washing.After rinsing, remove the acid from the pipe and continue to flush with hot deionized water, and take water sample assay at the appropriate time.If unqualified, continue to rinse with hot ionized water until the water sample is qualified,then pickling task completed.
Pickling passivation pipeline construction safety measures:
1.Prepare 100KG of soda before construction, prepare and neutralize the acid that may leak to protect the environment and surrounding equipment.
2.Install the fence or fence to enclose the entire pickling area (including the place where the pipe passes) and attach the Eye-catching mark at all entrances :On pickling, non-staff members are not allowed to enter.If the pickling area involves the entire workshop, the time must be properly arranged to ensure that no one enters during construction.
3.Every person entering the acid wash area must wear the correct PPE chemical protective clothing and anti-acid boots mask industrial acid and alkali gloves, gas mask, etc.After contact with the leaking chemical, you must flush with the tap water immediately, and not feel free to touch any other person or surrounding equipment.
4.To ensure personal safety in the pickling area and in each channel.
5.After pickling is completed, first rinse the moving cylinder with tap water, connecting pipe wall, gloves and the surrounding ground, sprinkle with soda and then rinse with tap water to ensure that no residual acid.Remove all temporary pipe,moving cylinder and temporary pumps, flush the whole pickling area with running water, and remove the garbage.
6.Remove all fence, taking away the cloth around the equipment, unseal the entire pickling area.
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