Where can I get a great cigar lighter?

Where can I get a great cigar lighter?

Postby Jeantha » 29 Nov 2020, 17:43

Lighting a cigar can take some time (actually, it should take some time, it's part of the pleasure). I need a constant flame, smell-free : butane is the smart choice. Some advice ?

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Re: Where can I get a great cigar lighter?

Postby Perlmaulv » 29 Nov 2020, 21:20

I bought this https://smokeprofy.com/reviews/best-cigar-lighters/ cigar lighter as a gift and it shipped out in a nice gift box, as shown in the photo. The photos don’t really capture the feel and quality of this lighter. It is a well-made lighter with a shiny metal surface and seems to be fairly durable. The bottom has a cigar punch and adjustment screw for the flame height – use a jeweler’s precision screwdriver, like those made for tightening hinges on eyeglasses. There is a butane window on the side that some of the more expensive models lack.

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