Chatting with a

Chatting with a

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Chatting with a friend, she asked me, you know, who is married today, why didn��t you go and see it? I was wrong at the time, then I quickly answered, and asked, I haven��t seen it for so many years, why should I go see her? Say, don't you go to school together? I always have a little memory. I was also dumb at myself. I couldn��t help but ask myself. Is it too ruthless? Is it too cold? Maybe I am used to silence, I don't want to break this silence. I haven't contacted for so long. It is inevitable that I will feel a little embarrassed when I meet each other. Although there is a long-awaited reunion between people, the time of the past is just a plum blossom, and even if you can play the light and shadow of your own light and shadow, if you don��t cherish it, don��t contact it, but those who have used it, In the end, the leaves will fall into the air, and the water will be poor. You and I will eventually remember each other when you are in the West. They will go to school with her and go to school together. The time is simple and happy, but as time goes by, with The forgetfulness of memory slowly fades out of each other's world. Although sometimes it is close at hand, the heart is far away from the horizon. Just like a word, you don't take the initiative to contact me. I don't take the initiative to contact you. I am used to it. To break the silence of each other, that's it, so it slowly fades and forgets Marlboro Gold. "If you meet me when you meet in front of the church, you will be silent or will complain to each other." This is a sentence written by Xu Wei, which is not only a measure of the distance between us, but also a reality. The sorrow of refraction. How many people will complain to each other, and when they say it, they may have tears in their eyes, just like Pang Long��s "Brothers Hold", write the brothers to hug, talk about the truth, have you been outside? But more choices for most people are silence, maybe they feel embarrassed, so they will be silent, but they feel that silence will look embarrassing, so it is better not to see it. There are too many people passing by, and some people turn around for a lifetime. Maybe one day in the future, when you meet me, you won��t recognize each other. Maybe when you recognize, the other person has gone far. I may not know what I was doing, I don��t know whether to say hello or not, I think it��s better not to say hello, to keep silent, maybe the other person doesn��t remember you, it��s better to keep silent, and watch the other person go far away, like the hustle and bustle, everything Say, what fun and not fun things like to talk about Parliament Cigarettes, when the mother told me that the girls should hold a little, the words are less, so that others will like it, at that time, I like to talk about, regardless of what, If you want to say anything, you don't care. When you say the wrong words, people will forgive them, because children's words are unscrupulous and children's words are unscrupulous Cigarettes For Sale. Slightly grow up, what do I have, first consider whether the other party can accept, whether it can be said, what should be said, what should not be said, what is useful, and which is useless Wholesale Cigarettes, will be measured in the heart, useless Just abandon, useful will only talk about, as you grow older, experience increases, what is the case, are used to hide in the heart, do not say anything, do nothing, slowly learned to silence. Maybe it is a kind of roundness in life, maybe it is a kind of blank in life, but I think it is more of a kind of helplessness in life. It is like a small time. We will be happy when we face something good. Very happy, even if I get a candy, even a drink, we will be happy to say that for a few days, I like to say myself in words. If it is now, if you lose a car drink Marlboro Cigarettes, even if you are very upset, but You will still express silence and will not easily reveal it. For the gap between gain and loss, we will always have profound changes. As the experience grows, I don��t know whether it is the expansion of human desire, or the enhancement of self-repair ability, or the improvement of human self-restraint, but no matter what, We all learned to use silence instead of telling. In this complicated society, we are slowly going through some things. Those who should ha
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