Time flies, when we

Time flies, when we

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Time flies, when we spend a lot of spring, summer, autumn and winter together, we will still part ways. There is no banquet in the world, but why do we meet each other, and we will have a good friendship and promise a childish promise? Maybe life is also the same. In the parting time and again, we will gradually grow up, the road under the feet will be longer and longer, no one will be confused, and no one has had a painful experience. Of course, I will still remember those months, and I am very anxious every day. I am waiting for the thick manuscript to be sent out. I am lucky to be edited and watched. I am on the long-awaited newspaper, but I am three. Months of hard work. But the reality gave me a heavy blow. In the end, what I received was not a sample of the smell of the book, but a messy half manuscript and a thin letter. Dear fellow allies: Your manuscript was misused due to improper use of words, and was overwhelmed to the letter. In the manuscript, please don't be discouraged. I hope to see the more perfect manuscript "xxxx" again. I only feel that I just got on the summit and I was beaten by a huge wave. After I was helpless, I was left with confusion. Later in the week, I didn't think about tea, I should have been crying, but I couldn't squeeze a tear. As the school became more and more important, the time left for my own creation was getting less and less, and this thing was gradually forgotten by me. The time of writing in the middle of the night was also given to me who wanted to give up writing, but unexpectedly. I have been thinking for a long time because of a friend��s words. "Since I like it so much, why do I have to give up? I don't know that you are not the kind of re-filled with a wound that wraps you up Newport 100S. It's in the summer vacation. I didn't listen much to the remedial classes during the holidays. One month later, A long story has been completed. I didn��t have much hope for this submission, in order not to be too unsuccessful to be selected Marlboro Lights, and it would be a surprise to accidentally board the magazine. It��s true. I didn't feel too sad when I was returned again, and I didn't have the confusion before. Maybe after this failure, I grew up a lot because I can smile and talk to my friends about what I have been embarrassed before. Writing is not a competition, but a kind of enjoyment. It is also a kind of relief for life. "Three hundred poems", in a word, it is said: "The pure and pure poetry of "thinking without evil" is not only reflected in the "Book of Songs" In the book Parliament Cigarettes, the joy of writing, in the heart of each author, regains the old dream, only the ambition and yearning for the future. There will always be a period of decline in life, there will always be a period of time. Dry and bored. But who knows, the trough is prepared to go farther and higher, and the boredom is to pave the way for the future growth. I can walk in the evening, go out during the holidays, and write in the fields. When I was in the night, I got up and wrote an essay. I could give myself a day off on the weekend and still walk on the road, but I could slow down and experience the beauty of the world. Since I was born in this world full of miracles, You should learn to live a strong and unique life. Life is like a long trip, to the same place, some people fly, some people walk, but although they are hard, they can see more beautiful scenery and have more touching stories. Think of every suffering as an inevitable experience in the journey, learn to enjoy it, and keep going. At that time, when you look back, you really feel that what is important is not the result, but the process. No one will never Fortunately, believe that walking through the low valley is the way to the heights Marlboro Gold. When you pass the haze, there will be sunshine. Those who are suffering, struggling Online Cigarettes, helpless, happy ., Crazy, confused, let the significance of this journey then becomes deep, and the fate of your race, only to find:

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