Thousands of rivers

Thousands of rivers

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Thousands of rivers have thousands of rivers and thousands of miles. "This is a slang of Buddhism, the sky is the Buddha's heart, the cloud is the material desire, it is the trouble, the troubles and desires go to the Buddha's heart, the heart naturally appears, the person has buddha, the moon is like humanity. The door has a population of more than 4 million. In the spring of 2019, the characters meet in the ��eight cities�� logistics center of Lujiang Road. The ��eight cities�� have more than 2,000 square meters, which is very old. The one-color bungalows are not wide, the business is only a few square meters, the booths are disorderly, and the needles are inserted. There is a stall in the gap. Every day, the intersection of the characters is like a bee. It is a market of thousands of households outside the island of Xiamen Island. The people eat food for the day. A very ordinary vegetable market has become a net. "Red Street", a lot of people who go to Xiamen to travel, will go there to look around and find the memory of Xiamen Cheap Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. The place where the eight cities are located is the old town of Xiamen seaside, the streets are narrow, the old houses are mostly. But in the alleys that extend in all directions, Almost all of them are long stalls and shops Buy Newports Online. They sell seafood, sell vegetables, sell chicken and duck meat, and there are many famous snack bars in Xiamen, such as Lai Yi flat food, Zhang Ji fish balls, red skin peanuts. , early morning bakery, Hu Lao Red bean pie, each kind of food has the "taste" of the old time. The vendors on both sides take up the booth, the real sidewalk is only one meter, bicycles, trucks, garbage trucks, customers shopping carts, flooding the street, crowded The narrow street, piled up, blocked. The city government has planned to demolish and demolish, it is difficult to build. Difficult piles are difficult to put into practice. Every morning, the bustling eight cities opened the curtain of the transaction, selling The voice is endless, the crowds are moving, and the flow is endless. Many people say that Xiamen��s local Minnan dialects are traded. It is said that this transaction will not be ��pitted.�� Many foreign tourists like to buy seafood in the eight cities and then squat. Seafood products go to the restaurant to process, now buy and eat now, everything is fresh, so these restaurants are almost very good business. Usually the store owner will charge 15-50 yuan for seafood processing. New Year shopping market, island Internal and external residents, who are in the ��eight cities�� property market, have a lot of people, and they can't get through. It can be described as crowds like rainbows, clouds, and rocks. I don't dare to go further. The sales volume is very prosperous, the price of the product, the voice of the people, I know that the Chinese people��s consumption power is very powerful and full of a kind of money charm. On the 10th is New Year��s Eve, my family is at the Yazhu Hotel, my son and daughter are more than ten. The mouthman, a kind of family harmony, warm and loving. The payment list: Yazhu Seafood Restaurant "Luling Road Shop", merchants received 1627 yuan Carton Of Newports Price, no food receipt certificate for eight days, Xiamen immigrant city, pedestrians on the street Only three-two-two vehicles, driving slowly on the street Marlboro Red Cigarettes, the weather during the New Year is very good Newport 100S Carton, the sunshine is bustling, warm and warm, it is a good day. I walked along the morning of Lujiang No. 1 Lujiang Avenue, the new year. On the first day, everyone was at home with the family and enjoying the joy of the new spring. Wearing the Huangkanyi municipal maintenance workers, holding the clips and carefully picking up the roadside garbage, I was very touched by me. These workers deserve to be respected. I asked What is his surname, he said casually, Huang XX. An ordinary laborer, with their hard work, Xiamen has its beauty, it has its charm. It was the second day, Ping and Hua drove a car to Yongan and Sanming to visit relatives and friends. All the way traffic jams, the highway did not pay the road, the vehicles went out a lot, accidentally, scratching the accident, causing traffic jams, arrived at Yongan at one o'clock in the afternoon. Yongan City, during the Spring Festival, the various businesses have not yet opened, only a few restaurants are still soliciting business. Yongan-style snacks, very famous, fruit strips, live meat, duck blood, pig lungs, pig head meat, pig ears, with yellow pepper, that is a perfect match, yellow pepper is

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